Golf Lessons.

Golf Assessment Session.


The assessment is completely personalized to you and suitable for everyone. Your PGA Golf professional Scott Currie will shine a magnifying glass on all areas of your game, discussing all areas of your golf game that may have been causing you frustration for years. 

Once we have identified your strengths and weakness, we are perfectly placed to make a plan for your improvement. Game on!

We strongly believe this to be a good starting point for golf lessons. 


1 Hour Assessment Session £30

Golf Lessons.


Scott Currie-Golf at Fairfield Golf Club offers a comprehensive golf teaching service. First-class facilities include a new Teaching Studio, Foresights GC Quad launch monitor technology, video analysis, putting green, chipping and bunker area. Lesson and course types are suitable for everyone from complete beginners to more experienced players and include a variety of coaching group classes.


30 Minute Lesson £20

6 Lessons for  £100

1 Hour Lessons £35

We offer golf lessons for completer beginners to the avid golfer
Half Day and Full Day golf schools with on course golf instruction
 Golf Tuition Days.


The Golf Schools concentrate on all aspects of the short game, putting, chipping, pitching and sand play.We will then take a look at your golf swing and long game.Review and lunch.The full Day follows the same format as the half Day followed by on course tuition.


Half Day 

Full Day 

Junior golf lessons using SNAG JUNIOR GOLF
  Snag Junior Golf.


  Over the past 10 years, SNAG® Golf has built a premier learning system recognized by industry leaders around the world as the superior method to teach golf fundamentals in a fun and easy way.
The SNAG® Golf System contains age-appropriate equipment and programming to effectively teach the game of golf to people of all ages and ability levels. SNAG® Golf offers the versatility to learn and play in almost any environment you choose. Learn & Play Anywhere! 

  Junior Roll-up Lessons.


  Roll up sessions are the best way to get kids introduced to golf and more importantly, having lots of fun.

Getting them started correctly with the right fundamentals the building blocks of golf, with different clubs along the way is our key goal here in these sessions.

We offer lots of different times throughout the week and each lesson only costs £8.00. Kids can start from as young as 4.

Junior golf lessons at Boysnope Park using Bitesize Junior Golf
Bitesize Junior Golf.


The Bitesize Golf Academy is a true development pathway for children. Young players, either from the SNAG® Academy or new to the game start the programme that will turn them into competent golfers eventually becoming active members of the golf club.

The Bitesize Golf Academy is a fully structured programme that includes ten progressive levels of attainment. With ten resource books covering ten different topic categories, the Bitesize Golf Academy offers a complete learning experience for boys and girls alike.