Continued Professional Development.

As with many professional bodies continued education and keeping up with the latest industry development is a necessary requisite of retaining your professional status. The same applies to PGA membership and the CPD programme has been offering specialist courses in every aspect related to the golf industry for a number of years.


 The PGA National Training Academy serves as the hub for the on-going professional development programme which offers vocational education opportunities for all PGA Professionals.  The programme encompasses every aspect of the work of a PGA Professional; from coaching and player development to retail and business management; with learning opportunities including formal qualifications, traditional seminars, online courses and 'just-in-time' learning resources.


I have attended many of these summits and seminars over the years with a more than keen interest in the coaching and teaching side of my profession.Having studied golf through instruction, magazines, books and certainly now the more modern way the internet it is great to rub shoulders with not only other like-minded golf professionals at these seminars

but the names that are heading these meetings about how they indeed ply their trade teaching the game!


These seminars have not only took me up and down the Brtish Isles but across Europe to France, Spain, Holland and to The United States for the P.G.A of Americas Annual Teaching Summitt on 3 occasions.















I have enjoyed viewing and listening to the likes of John Jacobs OBE, David Leadbetter, Butch Harmon, Jim McLean, Chuck Cook, Dennis Pugh, Micheal Hebron, Peter Kostis, Hank Haney, Bill Harmon, Craig Harmon, Scott Cranfield, Martin Hall,

Dr Karl Morris, Alan Thompson, Kendal McWade, Paul Affleck, Jamie Edwards, Ian Clarke.


The seminars have been wonderful learning opportunities for myself as a Golf Professional to grow my knowledge base.To be able to listen and speak to such talent and wealth of experience for me has only added and shaped how I indeed teach students the game of golf today for the better!


But learning is not all done in this changing game and World! So more seminars to come in the future to enjoy not only to maintain my Professional status but to keep up with current trends and get ahead!