Ben Hogan figured it out in the 1950s

For Years now the teaching of this great game has been taught around certain ball flight laws.The golf ball behaves around clubface position at impact,swing path and angle of attack.Personally. I feel we didnt pay enough attention or have enough knowledge about the latter! The Angle of attack! Alot of us teachers followed a certain teaching mantra! The golf swing sends the ball (Swing path) and the blade bends the ball (Clubface)

The stage 2003 after much research enter inventor Fredrik Tuxen, whose Doppler-radar based TrackMan device measures seven clubhead and 15 ball-flight parameters. For the first time, clubhead movement through impact could be viewed and analyzed in dynamic 3D. Tuxen's team confirmed that attack angle, clubhead path and clubface angle at impact are the absolute keys to controlling ball flight.

"We got valuable 3D data on exactly how the clubhead moved on the lower arc of the swing and through impact," Tuxen says. "We realized that the initial direction of the ball is dominated by the orientation of the clubface, rather than clubhead path -- but a lot of us were taught just the opposite. The truth is, it's a combination, with about 85 percent depending on clubface angle and only 15 percent depending on the path of the clubhead."

Armed with this new data, Tuxen has revealed perhaps one of the most counterintuitive swing findings ever: To hit a straight shot off the ground with an iron, you must strike the ball with a descending angle of attack and an outside-in swing direction; to hit a straight shot with a driver, you must ideally strike the ball with an ascending angle of attack and an inside-out swing direction.

In other words, to make the ball go where you want it to, you need two unique swings.

Now look at a image from Ben Hogan`s 1950s best selling intructional book "The Modern Fundamentals of Golf" You can see that Hogan with a driver stood slightly closed to target encouraging a in to out swing which would catch the tee ball slighty on the up! Tiger Woods stood this way earlier in his career and drove the ball much better than of recent Years after change here! Ben Hogans medium irons square on to target! His short irons and wedges he stands slightly open to the target line encouraging a slight out to in swing which would create a slightly steeper angle of attack!

These details all support Trackmans 2003 findings and test results! Ben Hogan was renound for

endless hours of practice and trying new things out after battling with a snap hook earlier in his career!

Ben Hogan was way ahead of his time with what he found with no electronic Track Man devices!

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