“ I booked a  golf lesson with Scott when I was really struggling with my pitching.I had lost all confidence in striking the ball and kept hitting heavy shots! Scott showed me on video my set-up and weight shift during the swing was wrong! It all felt strange at first! But seeing a new way again on video.It looked much better.I'm pitching much better now, with confidence."
Peter Molloy, Project Manager


” I  was struggling to keep my driver shots on the fairway and hitting big slices to the right! Then aiming down the left to compensate! My aim was corrected first! Then through using a practice drill, Scott taught me how the hands and arms should work during the golf swing, resulting in much less slice! Thanks!,

Mike Mason, Sales Manager


“I' have played for many years now and have a handicap of 8. I just wasn't playing as well as I know I can.I thought I knew what the problem was but was not getting anywhere. Pictures paint a thousand words and the video work definitely worked for me and gave me a better focus."
Ged Bland, Accountant


“If you're looking to have golf lessons.Scotts your man.He can spot your weak points in a few minutes and help you work on them.”
Eddie Karbowski, Manager