Tomi Putting Manchester Scott Currie-Golf

The TOMI Putting System is the latest in putter technology.


The system measures stroke characteristics, which enables the coach to simply and effectively identify Stroke Faults.


TOMI records critical parameters of your putting stroke in real-time. You view the data on our laptop and we will show you what you’re doing right, and show you what you’re doing wrong, we can then prescribe you how to fix it, and even give you the drills you need to become a great putter.


The TOMI system analyzes the player’s performance by measuring critical parameters that define a good or poorly executed stroke:


 Alignment at Address and Alignment at Impact (relative to address) Stroke Path at Impact and Stroke Path Clubhead Rotation Shaft Angle at Impact,Impact Zone and Speed at Impact Stroke Tempo


1 Hour Assessment and Lesson